This list contains many selections that are not currently in our karaoke library, but are available for purchase from some of our online vendors. If you are in a venue that offers wi-fi service and select a song that we do not currently own, your KJ will be happy to buy it for you. Not all song selections are available at all Painted Red Promotions events.


R. Kelly – Bad Man
R. Kelly – Feelin’ On Your Booty
R. Kelly – I Believe I Can Fly
R. Kelly – I Know You Are Hurting
R. Kelly – If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time
R. Kelly – Ignition
R. Kelly – Just Like That
R. Kelly – Snake
R. Kelly – Soldiers Heart
R. Kelly – Storm Is Over
R. Kelly – Thoia Thoing
R. Kelly – World’s Greatest, The
R. Kelly – You Remind Me of Something
R. Kelly ft. Boo & Gotti – Fiesta
R. Kelly ft. Soweto Spiritual Singers – Sign of A Victory
R. Kelly ft. T Pain – I’m A Flirt
R.E.M. – Aftermath
R.E.M. – At My Most Beautiful
R.E.M. – Bad Day
R.E.M. – Bang and Blame
R.E.M. – Bittersweet Me
R.E.M. – Daysleeper
R.E.M. – Drive
R.E.M. – E-Bow The Letter
R.E.M. – Electric Blue
R.E.M. – Electrolite
R.E.M. – Everybody Hurts
R.E.M. – Fall On Me
R.E.M. – Great Beyond, The
R.E.M. – How The West Was Won
R.E.M. – I’ve Been High
R.E.M. – Imitation of Life
R.E.M. – It’s The End of The World
R.E.M. – Leaving New York
R.E.M. – Losing My Religion
R.E.M. – Man On The Moon
R.E.M. – Night Swimming
R.E.M. – One I Love
R.E.M. – Orange Crush
R.E.M. – Radio Free Europe
R.E.M. – Radio Song
R.E.M. – Shiny Happy People
R.E.M. – Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight, The
R.E.M. – Stand
R.E.M. – Strange Currencies
R.E.M. – The Great Beyond
R.E.M. – The One I Love
R.E.M. – Tongue
R.E.M. – What’s The Frequency, Kenneth
Ra – Do You Call My Name
Rabbit, Eddie – I Love A Rainy Night
Rabbit, Eddie & Gayle, Crystal – You and I
Rabbitt & Newton – Both To Each Other
Rabbitt, Eddie – Best Year of My Life, The
Rabbitt, Eddie – Deck The Halls
Rabbitt, Eddie – Do You Right Tonight
Rabbitt, Eddie – Drinkin’ My Baby Off My Mind
Rabbitt, Eddie – Drivin’ My Life Away
Rabbitt, Eddie – Every Which Way But Loose
Rabbitt, Eddie – Gone Too Far
Rabbitt, Eddie – Hearts On Fire
Rabbitt, Eddie – I Love A Rainy Night
Rabbitt, Eddie – I Wanna Dance With You
Rabbitt, Eddie – I’ll Be Home For Christmas Auld Lang Syne
Rabbitt, Eddie – Kentucky Rain
Rabbitt, Eddie – On Second Thought
Rabbitt, Eddie – Pour Me Another Tequila
Rabbitt, Eddie – Rocky Mountain Music
Rabbitt, Eddie – She’s Comin’ Back To Say Goodbye
Rabbitt, Eddie – Someone Could Lose A Heart
Rabbitt, Eddie – Someone Could Lose A Heart Tonight
Rabbitt, Eddie – Step By Step
Rabbitt, Eddie – Suspicions
Rabbitt, Eddie – That’s Why I Fell In Love (With You)
Rabbitt, Eddie – Two Dollars In The Jukebox
Rabbitt, Eddie – Wanderer, The
Rabbitt, Eddie – Warning Signs
Rabbitt, Eddie – We Must Be Doin’ Somethin’ Right
Rabbitt, Eddie – We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Rabbitt, Eddie – You Can’t Run From Love
Rabbitt, Eddie – You Don’t Love Me Anymore
Rabbitt, Eddie & Gayle, Crystal – I Made A Promise
Rabbitt, Eddie & Gayle, Crystal – You and I
Racey – Some Girls
Racing Cars – They Shoot Horses Don’t They
Raconteurs, The – Broken Boy Soldier
Raconteurs, The – Level
Raconteurs, The – Steady As She Goes
Radiohead – Bends, The
Radiohead – Bones
Radiohead – Creep
Radiohead – Fake Plastic Trees
Radiohead – Go To Sleep
Radiohead – High and Dry
Radiohead – Karma Police
Radiohead – My Iron Lung
Radiohead – No Surprises
Radiohead – Nude
Radiohead – Optimistic
Radiohead – Paranoid Android
Radiohead – Street Spirit
Radiohead – There There
Rae Sremmurd – No Type
Rae, Corinne Bailey – Like A Star
Rae, Corinne Bailey – Put Your Records On
Rae, Corinne Bailey – Trouble Sleeping
Rafferty, Gerry – (It’s Been You) Right Down The Line
Rafferty, Gerry – Baker Street
Rafferty, Gerry – Get It Right Next Time
Rage Against The Machine – Bombtrack
Rage Against The Machine – Bullet In The Head
Rage Against The Machine – Bulls On Parade
Rage Against The Machine – Down Rodeo
Rage Against The Machine – Guerilla Radio
Rage Against The Machine – How I Could Just Kill A Man
Rage Against The Machine – Kick Out The Jams
Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name
Rage Against The Machine – Pistol Grip Pump
Rage Against The Machine – Renegades of Funk
Rage Against The Machine – Sleep Now In The Fire
Rage Against The Machine – Snake Charmer
Rage Against The Machine – Testify
Rage Against The Machine – Wake Up
Raheem – Guess Who Loves You More
Raiders, The – Indian Reservation
Rainbow – Man On The Silver Mountain
Rainbow – Since You’ve Been Gone
Rainbow – Stone Cold
Rainbow – Street of Dreams
Rainwater, Marvin – Gonna Find Me A Bluebird
Rainwater, Marvin – Whole Lotta Woman
Raitt, Bonnie – All At Once
Raitt, Bonnie – Angel From Montgomery
Raitt, Bonnie – Blue For No Reason
Raitt, Bonnie – Come To Me
Raitt, Bonnie – Give It Up Or Let Me Go
Raitt, Bonnie – Guilty
Raitt, Bonnie – Have A Heart
Raitt, Bonnie – I Can’t Help You Now
Raitt, Bonnie – I Can’t Make You Love Me
Raitt, Bonnie – I Don’t Want Anything To Change
Raitt, Bonnie – Love Has No Pride
Raitt, Bonnie – Love Letter
Raitt, Bonnie – Love Me Like A Man
Raitt, Bonnie – Love Sneakin’ Up On You
Raitt, Bonnie – Lover’s Will
Raitt, Bonnie – Nick of Time
Raitt, Bonnie – Not The Only One
Raitt, Bonnie – One Belief Away
Raitt, Bonnie – One Part Be My Lover
Raitt, Bonnie – Runaway
Raitt, Bonnie – Silver Lining
Raitt, Bonnie – Something To Talk About
Raitt, Bonnie – Storm Warning
Raitt, Bonnie – Thing Called Love
Raitt, Bonnie – Thing Called Love, A
Raitt, Bonnie – Too Soon To Tell
Raitt, Bonnie – Walkin’ Blues
Raitt, Bonnie – You
Raitt, Bonnie – You Got It (Boy On The Side)
Raitt, Bonnie ft. Bryan Adams – Rock Steady
Raitt, Bonnie ft. Delbert McClinton – Good Man Good Woman
Raitt, Bonnie ft. John Prine – Angel From Montgomery (Live Version)
Ram Jam – Black Betty
Ramirez, Karen – Looking For Love
Rammstein – Du Hast (English Version)
Rammstein – Engel
Ramone, Joey – What A Wonderful World
Ramones, The – Baby I Love You
Ramones, The – Blitzkrieg Bop
Ramones, The – I Wanna Be Sedated
Ramones, The – Pet Sematary
Ramones, The – Rock N Roll High School
Ramones, The – Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
Ramsey, Tarralyn – Up Against All Odds
Rancid – Fall Back Down
Rancid – Fall Back Down
Randall & Morgan – By My Side
Randall, Jon – Cold Coffee Morning
Randall, Jon – I Came Straight For You
Randall, Jon – She Don’t Believe In Fairy Tales
Randolph, Robert & The Family Band – I Need More Love
Randy & Rainbows, The – Denise
Randy Rogers Band – Down and Out
Randy Rogers Band – In My Arms Instead
Randy Rogers Band – Interstate
Randy Rogers Band – Kiss Me In The Dark
Randy Rogers Band – One More Goodbye
Randy Rogers Band – Tonights Not The Night
Rankins, The – Movin’ On
Ranks, Shabba – Family Affair
Rappers Against Racism – I Want To Know What Love Is
Rare Earth – Get Ready
Rare Earth – I Just Want To Celebrate
Ras Kass Ft. Agallah – Cokelines
Rascal Flatts – Backwards
Rascal Flatts – Better Now
Rascal Flatts – Bless The Broken Road
Rascal Flatts – Every Day
Rascal Flatts – Everyday Love
Rascal Flatts – Fast Cars and Freedom
Rascal Flatts – Feels Like Today
Rascal Flatts – Glory of Life, The
Rascal Flatts – Help Me Remember
Rascal Flatts – Here
Rascal Flatts – Here Comes Goodbye
Rascal Flatts – Here’s To You
Rascal Flatts – I Melt
Rascal Flatts – I Won’t Let Go
Rascal Flatts – I’m Movin’ On
Rascal Flatts – I’m Moving On
Rascal Flatts – It’s Not Supposed To Go Like That
Rascal Flatts – Life Is A Highway
Rascal Flatts – Long Slow Beautiful Dance
Rascal Flatts – Love You Out Loud
Rascal Flatts – Mayberry
Rascal Flatts – Me and My Gang
Rascal Flatts – My Wish
Rascal Flatts – My Worst Fear
Rascal Flatts – One Good Love
Rascal Flatts – Pieces
Rascal Flatts – Prayin’ For Daylight
Rascal Flatts – Revolution
Rascal Flatts – Rewind
Rascal Flatts – Secret Smile
Rascal Flatts – She Goes All The Way
Rascal Flatts – Shine On
Rascal Flatts – Skin
Rascal Flatts – Skin (Sarabeth)
Rascal Flatts – Stand
Rascal Flatts – Still Feels Good
Rascal Flatts – Summer Nights
Rascal Flatts – Take Me There
Rascal Flatts – These Days
Rascal Flatts – This Everyday Love
Rascal Flatts – Unstoppable
Rascal Flatts – Walk The Llama Llama
Rascal Flatts – What Hurts The Most
Rascal Flatts – While You Loved Me
Rascal Flatts – Why
Rascal Flatts – Why Wait
Rascal Flatts – Winner At A Losing Game
Rascal Flatts ft. Natasha Bedingfield – Easy
Rascals, The – Beautiful Morning, A
Rascals, The – Come On Up
Rascals, The – Girl Like You, A
Rascals, The – Good Lovin’
Rascals, The – Groovin’
Rascals, The – How Can I Be Sure
Rascals, The – I’ve Been Lonely Too Long
Rascals, The – Lonely Too Long
Rascals, The – Mustang Sally
Rascals, The – People Got To Be Free
Rascals, The – You Better Run
Rasmus, The – Guilty
Rasmus, The – In The Shadows
Raspberries, The – Go All The Way
Raspberries, The – Overnight Sensation
Ratt – Back For More
Ratt – Lack of Communication
Ratt – Lay It Down
Ratt – Round and Round
Ratt – Way Cool Jr.
Raven, Eddy – Bayou Boys
Raven, Eddy – Cowboys Don’t Cry
Raven, Eddy – I Got Mexico
Raven, Eddy – I’m Gonna Get You
Raven, Eddy – In A Letter To You
Raven, Eddy – Joe Knows How To Live
Raven, Eddy – Shine Shine Shine
Raven, Eddy – Sooner Or Later
Rawls, Lou – At Last
Rawls, Lou – Lady Love
Rawls, Lou – Love Is A Hurtin’ Thing
Rawls, Lou – Natural Man, A
Rawls, Lou – See You When I Get There
Rawls, Lou – This Song Will Last Forever
Rawls, Lou – Tobacco Road
Rawls, Lou – You Are My Lady
Rawls, Lou – You Made Me So Very Happy
Rawls, Lou – You’ll Never Find (Another Love Like Mine)
Rawls, Lou – Your Good Thing (Is About To End)
Rawls, Lou & Sam Cooke – Bring It On Home To Me
Ray J – Last Wish
Ray J – One Wish
Ray J – What I Need
Ray J ft. Brandy – Another Day In Paradise
Ray J ft. Yung Berg – Sexy Can I
Ray, Goodman & Brown – Special Lady
Ray, Jimmy – Are You Jimmy Ray
Ray, Johnnie – Cry
Ray, Johnnie – Hey There
Ray, Johnnie – Just Walkin’ In The Rain
Ray, Johnnie – Little White Cloud That Cried, The
Ray, Johnnie – Please Mr. Sun
Ray, Johnnie – Such A Night
Ray, Johnnie – Walking My Baby Back Home
Ray, Johnnie – Yes Tonight Josephine
Raybon Brothers, The – Butterfly Kisses
Raybon Brothers, The – Way She’s Looking, The
Raybon, Marty – Cracker Jack Diamond
Raybon, Marty – Searching For The Missing Peace
Raye, Collin – Ain’t Nobody Gonna Take That From Me
Raye, Collin – All I Can Be Is A Sweet Memory
Raye, Collin – Anyone Else
Raye, Collin – Couldn’t Last A Moment
Raye, Collin – Eleventh Commandment, The
Raye, Collin – Every Second
Raye, Collin – Gift, The
Raye, Collin – I Can Still Feel You
Raye, Collin – I Know That’s Right
Raye, Collin – I Think About You
Raye, Collin – I Volunteer
Raye, Collin – I Want You Bad (And That Ain’t Good)
Raye, Collin – If I Were You
Raye, Collin – In This Life
Raye, Collin – It Could’ve Been So Good
Raye, Collin – Let It Be Me
Raye, Collin – Little Red Rodeo
Raye, Collin – Little Rock
Raye, Collin – Love Me
Raye, Collin – Love Remains
Raye, Collin – Man of My Word
Raye, Collin – My Kind of Girl
Raye, Collin – Not That Different
Raye, Collin – On The Verge
Raye, Collin – One Boy, One Girl
Raye, Collin – Open Arms
Raye, Collin – She’s All That
Raye, Collin – Soldier’s Prayer, A
Raye, Collin – Somebody Else’s Moon
Raye, Collin – Someone You Used To Know
Raye, Collin – Starting Over Georgia
Raye, Collin – That Was A River
Raye, Collin – That’s My Story
Raye, Collin – What I Need
Raye, Collin – What If Jesus Comes Back Like That
Raye, Collin – What The Heart Wants
Raye, Collin – You Still Take Me There
Raye, Collin & Bobbie Eakes – Tired of Loving This Way
Raye, Collin & Booby Eakes – Loving This Way
Raye, Collin & Dolly Parton – Whenever Forever Comes
Raye, Collin & Jim Brickman – Gift, The
Raye, Collin & Parton, Dolly – Whenever Forever Comes
Raye, Collin ft. Bobbie Eaking – Tired of Loving This Way
Rayito Colombiano – El Oltimo Beso
Rays, The – Silhouettes
Razorlight – America
Razorlight – Golden Touch
Razorlight – Rip It Up
Razorlight – Somewhere Else
Rea, Chris – Auberge
Rea, Chris – Driving Home For Christmas
Rea, Chris – Fool If You Think It’s Over
Rea, Chris – Julia
Rea, Chris – Let’s Dance
Rea, Chris – Looking For The Summer
Rea, Chris – On The Beach
Rea, Chris – Road To Hell
Ready For The World – Love You Down
Ready For The World – Oh Sheila
Real 2 Real – I Like To Move It
Real Life – Send Me An Angel
Real McCoy – Another Night
Real McCoy – Come and Get Your Love
Real McCoy – Run Away
Real Thing, The – Can’t Get By Without You
Real Thing, The – You To Me Are Everything
Reba – Ring On Her Finger, Time On Her Hands
Reba – Why Haven’t I Heard From You
Rebekah – Sin So Well
Rebel Mc – Street Tuff
Red – Feed The Machine
Red Cafe & Diddy & Fabolous – Money Money Money
Red Clay Halo – Valerie Smith
Red Hands – Walk off the Earth
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Aeroplane
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Around The World
Red Hot Chili Peppers – By The Way
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Can’t Stop
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dani California
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dosed
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Fortune Faded
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Give It Away
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Higher Ground
Red Hot Chili Peppers – If You Have To Ask
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Knock Me Down
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Love Rollercoaster
Red Hot Chili Peppers – My Friends
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Otherside
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Road Trippin’
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Scar Tissue
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Sir Psycho Sexy
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Snow (Hey Oh)
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Soul To Squeeze
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Suck My Kiss
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Tell Me Baby
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under The Bridge
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Universally Speaking
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Zephyr Song, The
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The – Face Down
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The – Pen and Paper
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The – Your Guardian Angel
Red Sovine – Teddy Bear
Redbone – Come and Get Your Love
Redbone – Witch Queen of New Orleans
Redd, Sharon – Can You Handle It
Redding, Otis – (Sitting On The) Dock Of The Bay
Redding, Otis – Can’t Turn You Loose (Live Version)
Redding, Otis – Dreams To Remember
Redding, Otis – Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song)
Redding, Otis – Happy Song, The
Redding, Otis – Hard To Handle
Redding, Otis – I Can’t Turn You Loose
Redding, Otis – I’ve Been Loving You Too Long
Redding, Otis – Love Man
Redding, Otis – Lover’s Prayer
Redding, Otis – Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag
Redding, Otis – Respect
Redding, Otis – Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay
Redding, Otis – These Arms of Mine
Redding, Otis – Tramp
Redding, Otis – Try A Little Tenderness
Reddy, Helen – Ain’t No Way To Treat A Lady
Reddy, Helen – Angie Baby
Reddy, Helen – Delta Dawn
Reddy, Helen – I Am Woman
Reddy, Helen – I Don’t Know How To Love Him
Reddy, Helen – Leave Me Alone
Reddy, Helen – You and Me Against The World
Redfinger – Baby Blue
Redman & Method Man – How High
Redman & Vale – If I Had A Nickel
Redman & Vale – In The Name of Love
Redman & Vale – Squeezin’ The Love Outta You
Redman, Rodney – These Days
Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe
Rednex – Wish You Were Here
Reed, Jerry – Amos Moses
Reed, Jerry – Bird, The
Reed, Jerry – Christmas Time’s A Comin’
Reed, Jerry – Eastbound and Down
Reed, Jerry – Good Woman’s Love
Reed, Jerry – I Love You What Can I Say
Reed, Jerry – Lord Mr Ford
Reed, Jerry – She Got The Gold Mine, I Got The Shaft
Reed, Jerry – When You’re Hot, You’re Hot
Reed, Jimmy – Big Boss Man
Reed, Jimmy – Bright Lights Big City
Reed, Jimmy – Hide and Seek
Reed, Jimmy – You Got Me Running
Reed, John – Beauty In Disguise
Reed, Lou – Perfect Day
Reed, Lou – Sweet Jane
Reed, Lou – Walk On The Wild Side
Reef – I Got Something To Say
Reef – Place Your Hands
Reel Big Fish – Beer
Reel Big Fish – Nothin But A Good Time
Reel Big Fish – Sell Out
Reel Big Fish – Take On Me
Reese, Della – S’wonderful
Reese, Della & The Verity All Stars – Walk With You
Reeves, Connor – Earthbound
Reeves, Connor – My Father’s Son
Reeves, Connor – Read My Mind
Reeves, del – Girl On The Billboard
Reeves, Jim – Adios Amigo
Reeves, Jim – Am I Losing You
Reeves, Jim – Billy Bayou
Reeves, Jim – Bimbo
Reeves, Jim – Blue Boy
Reeves, Jim – Blue Side of Lonesome
Reeves, Jim – Distant Drums
Reeves, Jim – Four Walls
Reeves, Jim – He’ll Have To Go
Reeves, Jim – Home
Reeves, Jim – I Guess I’m Crazy
Reeves, Jim – I Love You Because
Reeves, Jim – I Won’t Come In While He’s There
Reeves, Jim – I Won’t Forget You
Reeves, Jim – I’m Gettin’ Better
Reeves, Jim – I’m Gonna Change Everything
Reeves, Jim – Is It Really Over
Reeves, Jim – It Hurts So Much
Reeves, Jim – Mexican Joe
Reeves, Jim – Missin’ You
Reeves, Jim – Moonlight and Roses
Reeves, Jim – Not Until The Next Time
Reeves, Jim – Old Christmas Card
Reeves, Jim – Red Rose From The Blue Side Of Town
Reeves, Jim – There’s A Heartache Following Me
Reeves, Jim – This Is It
Reeves, Jim – Welcome To My World
Reeves, Jim – What I Need
Reeves, Jim – When Two Worlds Collide
Reeves, Jim – You’re The Only Good Thing
Reeves, Jim & Cline, Patsy – Have You Ever Been Lonely
Reeves, Julie – He Keeps Me In One Piece
Reeves, Julie – It’s About Time
Reeves, Julie – Trouble Is A Woman
Reeves, Julie – What I Need
Reeves, Ronna – He’s My Weakness
Reeves, Ronna – My Heart Wasn’t In It
Reeves, Ronna – Never Let Him See Me Cry
Reeves, Ronna – Rodeo Man
Reeves, Ronna – That’s All Right With Me
Reeves, Vic and Wonderstuff – Dizzy
Reflections, The – Just Like Romeo and Juliet
Reflex – Politics of Dancing, The
Refreshments, The – Banditos
Refugee Camp All Stars & Lauryn Hill – Sweetest Thing, The
Regina Regina – Asking For The Moon
Regina Regina – More Than I Wanted To Know
Rehab – Sittin’ At A Bar (Bartender Song)
Reid, Johnny – Kicking Stones
Reid, Mike – As Simple As That
Reid, Mike – I Got A Life
Reid, Mike – I’ll Stop Loving You
Reid, Mike – Keep On Walkin’
Reid, Mike – Till You Were Gone
Reid, Mike – Walk On Faith
Rej3Ctz – Cat Daddy
Relient K – Be My Escape
Relient K – Must Have Done Something Right
Relient K – Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been
Rembrandts, The – I’ll Be There For You (FRIENDS theme)
Rembrandts, The – Just The Way It Is Baby
Reminiscing Series – After The Ball
Reminiscing Series – Ain’t She Sweet
Reminiscing Series – Always (I’ll Be Loving You)
Reminiscing Series – Anniversary Waltz
Reminiscing Series – April In Paris
Reminiscing Series – Autumn In New York
Reminiscing Series – Baby Face
Reminiscing Series – Back In Your Own Backyard
Reminiscing Series – Band Played On, The
Reminiscing Series – Because of You
Reminiscing Series – Bewitched
Reminiscing Series – Bill Bailey
Reminiscing Series – Button Up Your Overcoat
Reminiscing Series – By The Light of The Silvery Moon
Reminiscing Series – Bye Bye Blackbird
Reminiscing Series – California Here I Come
Reminiscing Series – Carolina In The Morning
Reminiscing Series – Carolina Moon
Reminiscing Series – Cheek To Cheek
Reminiscing Series – Day By Day
Reminiscing Series – Down By The Old Mill Stream
Reminiscing Series – Edelweiss
Reminiscing Series – Give My Regards To Broadway
Reminiscing Series – Harbor Lights
Reminiscing Series – How Much Is That Doggie In The Window
Reminiscing Series – I Can’t Give You Anything But Love
Reminiscing Series – I Want A Girl Just Like The Girl
Reminiscing Series – I’ll Be Seeing You
Reminiscing Series – I’m Always Chasing Rainbows
Reminiscing Series – I’m Just Wild About Harry
Reminiscing Series – I’m Sitting On Top Of The World
Reminiscing Series – In A Little Spanish Town
Reminiscing Series – In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town
Reminiscing Series – In The Mood
Reminiscing Series – Look For The Silver Lining
Reminiscing Series – Ma
Reminiscing Series – Make Believe
Reminiscing Series – Me and My Shadow
Reminiscing Series – Moonlight and Roses
Reminiscing Series – Moonlight Becomes You
Reminiscing Series – More I See You, The
Reminiscing Series – My Blue Heaven
Reminiscing Series – My Wild Irish Rose
Reminiscing Series – Ol’ Man River
Reminiscing Series – On The Sunny Side Of The Street
Reminiscing Series – Pennies From Heaven
Reminiscing Series – Rum and Coca-Cola
Reminiscing Series – School Days
Reminiscing Series – September Song
Reminiscing Series – Sidewalks of New York, The
Reminiscing Series – Skylark
Reminiscing Series – Stardust
Reminiscing Series – String of Pearls, A
Reminiscing Series – Sweet Georgia Brown
Reminiscing Series – Sweet Sue Just You
Reminiscing Series – Take Me Out To The Ballgame
Reminiscing Series – Tea For Two
Reminiscing Series – That Old Black Magic
Reminiscing Series – There’ll Be Some Changes Made
Reminiscing Series – Toot Toot Tootsie
Reminiscing Series – What’ll I Do
Reminiscing Series – When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Reminiscing Series – Yes Sir That’s My Baby
Reminiscing Series – Yes We Have No Bananas
Reminiscing Series – You Are My Sunshine
Reminiscing Series – You Made Me Love You
Remy Ma & NE Yo – Feels So Good
Remy Shand – Way I Feel, The
Remy Zero – Perfect Memory
Remy Zero – Prophecy
Remy Zero – Save Me
Ren & Stimpy – Happy Happy Joy Joy
Renay, Diane – Navy Blue
Reno, Mike & Ann Wilson – Almost Paradise
Rent – I Should Tell You
Rent – I’ll Cover You
Rent – One Song Glory
Rent – Out Tonight
Rent – Rent
Rent – Seasons of Love
Rent – Take Me Or Leave
Rent – Tango Maureen
Rent – Today 4 U
Rent – What You Own
Rent – Would You Light My Candle
Reo – Ridin’ The Storm Out
Reo – Roll With The Changes
Reo Speedwagon – Don’t Let Him Go
Reo Speedwagon – I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore
Reo Speedwagon – In Your Letter
Reo Speedwagon – Keep On Loving You
Reo Speedwagon – Keep The Fire Burnin’
Reo Speedwagon – One Lonely Night
Reo Speedwagon – Ridin’ The Storm Out
Reo Speedwagon – Roll With The Changes
Reo Speedwagon – Take It On The Run
Reo Speedwagon – Time For Me To Fly
Reparata & the Delrons – Captain of Your Ship
Republica – From Rush Hour With Love
Republica – Ready To Go
Res – Say Vision, The
Res – They Say Vision
Restless Heart – Baby Needs New Shoes
Restless Heart – Big Dreams In A Small Town
Restless Heart – Big Iron Horses
Restless Heart – Bluest Eyes In Texas, The
Restless Heart – Danny’s Dream
Restless Heart – Familiar Pain
Restless Heart – Fast Movin’ Train
Restless Heart – Feel My Way To You
Restless Heart – For Lack of Better Words
Restless Heart – Heartbreak Kid
Restless Heart – Hold You Now
Restless Heart – Hometown Boy
Restless Heart – I’ll Still Be Loving You
Restless Heart – I’ve Never Been So Sure
Restless Heart – In This Little Town
Restless Heart – Long Lost Friend
Restless Heart – Maverick
Restless Heart – Mending Fences
Restless Heart – New York (Hold Her Tight)
Restless Heart – No End To The Road
Restless Heart – River of Stone
Restless Heart – Tell Me What You Dream
Restless Heart – Tender Lie, A
Restless Heart – That Rock Won’t Roll
Restless Heart – Till I Loved You
Restless Heart – We Got The Love
Restless Heart – Wheels
Restless Heart – When She Cries
Restless Heart – When Somebody Loves You
Restless Heart – Why Does It Have To Be Wrong Or Right
Restless Heart – You Can Depend On Me
Revelation Theory – Slowburn
Revere, Paul & The Raiders – Good Thing
Revere, Paul & The Raiders – Hungry
Revere, Paul & The Raiders – Indian Reservation
Revere, Paul & The Raiders – Just Like Me
Revere, Paul & The Raiders – Kicks
Revis – Caught In the Rain
Revis – Seven
Rex, T. – Band A Gong
Rex, T. – I Love To Boogie
Rex, T. – Jeepster
Rex, T. – Ride A White Swan
Rex, T. – Telegram Sam
Reyes, Gerardo – Lampara Sin Luz
Reyes, Gerardo – Libro Abierto
Reynolds Girls – I’d Rather Jack
Reynolds, Debbie – Tammy
Reynolds, Frank & Joe Hamilton – Don’t Pull Your Love
Reynolds, Jody – Endless Sleep
Reynolds, Lawrence – Jesus Is A Soul Man
Rezillos – Top of The Pops
Reznik, Johnny – I’m Still Here
Rhett – Thomas – Crash and Burn
Rhett – Thomas – Die A Happy Man
Rhett – Thomas – Die A Happy Man
Rhett, Thomas – Beer With Jesus
Rhett, Thomas – Get Me Some of That
Rhett, Thomas – It Goes Like This
Rhett, Thomas – Something To Do With My Hands
Rhonda Vincent & The Rage – My Sweet Love Ain’t Around
Rhyder, Brandon – Haggard
Ribbons, Rosie – Blink
Ribbons, Rosie – Cheek To Cheek
Ribbons, Rosie – Little Bit
Ribbons, Rosie – Winner Takes It All, The
Rice, Chase – Buzz Back
Rice, Chase – Ready Set Roll
Rice, Chris – Lemonade
Rice, Chris – Smile
Rice, Chris – When Did You Fall
Rice, Damien – Blower’s Daughter, The
Rice, Damien – Cannonball
Rice, Damien – Cannonball (Remix)
Rice, Tony – Cold On The Shoulder
Rich Boy – Throw Some D’s
Rich Boy & Polow Da Don & Keri Hilson – Good Things
Rich Boy & Polow Da Don & Keri Hilson W- – Good Things
Rich, Charlie – All Over Me
Rich, Charlie – Baby Baby
Rich, Charlie – Beautiful Woman
Rich, Charlie – Behind Closed Doors
Rich, Charlie – Big Boss Man
Rich, Charlie – Easy Look
Rich, Charlie – Everytime You Touch Me (I Get High)
Rich, Charlie – I Don’t See Me In Your Eyes Anymore
Rich, Charlie – I Love My Friend
Rich, Charlie – I Take It On Home
Rich, Charlie – Most Beautiful Girl In The World, The
Rich, Charlie – My Elusive Dreams
Rich, Charlie – Road Song
Rich, Charlie – Rollin’ With The Flow
Rich, Charlie – She Called Me Baby
Rich, Charlie – Since I Fell For You
Rich, Charlie – Take It On Home
Rich, Charlie – There Won’t Be Anymore
Rich, Charlie – Very Special Love Song, A
Rich, Charlie – You’re Gonna Love Yourself
Rich, Charlie & Janie Fricke – On My Knees
Rich, John – Another You
Rich, John – Come To Bed
Rich, John – For The Kids
Rich, John – Forever Loving You
Rich, John – I Pray For You
Rich, John – Shutting Down Detriot
Rich, John – The Good Lord and The Man
Rich, Tony Project – A Woman
Rich, Tony Project – Nobody Knows
Richard X – You Used To
Richard X & Kelis – Finest Dreams
Richard X Vs Liberty X – Being Nobody
Richard, Cliff – A Little In Love
Richard, Cliff – A Voice In The Wilderness
Richard, Cliff – Bachelor Boy
Richard, Cliff – Best of Me, The
Richard, Cliff – Can’t Keep This Feeling In
Richard, Cliff – Congratulations
Richard, Cliff – D In Love
Richard, Cliff – Dancing Shoes
Richard, Cliff – Day I Met Marie, The
Richard, Cliff – Devil Woman
Richard, Cliff – Do You Wanna Dance
Richard, Cliff – Don’t Talk To Him
Richard, Cliff – Fall In Love With You
Richard, Cliff – Gee Whiz It’s You
Richard, Cliff – Goodbye Sam Hello Samantha
Richard, Cliff – High Class Baby
Richard, Cliff – I Could Easily Fall
Richard, Cliff – I Just Don’t Have A Heart
Richard, Cliff – I Love You
Richard, Cliff – I M Looking Out The Window
Richard, Cliff – I Still Believe In You
Richard, Cliff – In The Country
Richard, Cliff – It’ll Be Me
Richard, Cliff – It’s All In The Game
Richard, Cliff – It’s In Every One Of Us
Richard, Cliff – Lessons In Love
Richard, Cliff – Little In Love, A
Richard, Cliff – Living Doll
Richard, Cliff – Lucky Lips
Richard, Cliff – Minute You Re Gone, The
Richard, Cliff – Minute Your Gone, The
Richard, Cliff – Miss You Nights
Richard, Cliff – Mistletoe & Wine
Richard, Cliff – Mistletoe and Wine
Richard, Cliff – Move It
Richard, Cliff – My Pretty One
Richard, Cliff – Next Time, The
Richard, Cliff – On The Beach
Richard, Cliff – Over The Rainbow
Richard, Cliff – Please Don’t Tease
Richard, Cliff – Power To All Our Friends
Richard, Cliff – Richard, Cliff Medley 1
Richard, Cliff – Richard, Cliff Medley 2
Richard, Cliff – Richard, Cliff Medley 3
Richard, Cliff – Richard, Cliff Medley 4
Richard, Cliff – Saviours Day
Richard, Cliff – Silhouettes
Richard, Cliff – Some People
Richard, Cliff – Suddenly
Richard, Cliff – Summer Holiday
Richard, Cliff – The Day I Met Marie
Richard, Cliff – Theme For A Dream
Richard, Cliff – Travellin’ Light
Richard, Cliff – Voices In The Wilderness
Richard, Cliff – We Don’t Talk Anymore
Richard, Cliff – We Say Yeah
Richard, Cliff – Willie & The Hand Jive
Richard, Cliff – Wind Me Up Let Me Go
Richard, Cliff – Wired For Sound
Richard, Cliff – Young Ones, The
Richard, Cliff & The Shadows – Please Don’t Tease
Richard, Cliff ft. Sarah Brightman – All I Ask of You
Richard, Steve – Keep on Rollin
Richey, Kim – Come Around
Richey, Kim – From Where I Stand
Richey, Kim – Good
Richey, Kim – I Know
Richey, Kim – Just My Luck
Richey, Kim – Those Words We Said
Richey, Kim – Way It Never Was, The
Richie, Lionel – All Night Long
Richie, Lionel – Angel
Richie, Lionel – Ballerina Girl
Richie, Lionel – Brick House
Richie, Lionel – Dancing on the Ceiling
Richie, Lionel – Deep River Woman
Richie, Lionel – Destiny
Richie, Lionel – Do It To Me
Richie, Lionel – Don`t Wanna Lose You
Richie, Lionel – Don’t Wanna Lose You
Richie, Lionel – Easy
Richie, Lionel – Endless Love
Richie, Lionel – Hello
Richie, Lionel – I Call It Love
Richie, Lionel – I Hear Your Voice
Richie, Lionel – Lady
Richie, Lionel – Love Will Conquer All
Richie, Lionel – My Destiny
Richie, Lionel – My Love
Richie, Lionel – My Tender Heart
Richie, Lionel – Night Shift
Richie, Lionel – Oh No
Richie, Lionel – Ordinary Girl
Richie, Lionel – Penny Lover
Richie, Lionel – Sail On
Richie, Lionel – Say You Say Me
Richie, Lionel – Say You, Say Me
Richie, Lionel – Serves You Right
Richie, Lionel – Still
Richie, Lionel – Stuck On You
Richie, Lionel – Sweet Love
Richie, Lionel – Three Times A Lady
Richie, Lionel – Time
Richie, Lionel – Too Hot Ta Trot
Richie, Lionel – Truly
Richie, Lionel – Why
Richie, Lionel – You Are
Richie, Lionel – You Mean More To Me
Richie, Lionel – You Mean More To You
Richie, Lionel ft. Enrique Iglesias – To Love A Woman
Richie, Lionel ft. Ross, Diana – Endless Love
Richie, Shane – I’m Your Man
Richie, Shane – Im Your Man
Rick Ross – Diced Pineapples
Rickitt, Adam – I Breathe Again
Ricochet – Blink of An Eye
Ricochet – Can’t Stop Thinking ’bout That
Ricochet – Connected At The Heart
Ricochet – Daddy’s Money
Ricochet – Do I Love You Enough
Ricochet – Ease My Troubled Mind
Ricochet – Feel Like Fallin’
Ricochet – Freedom Isn’t Free
Ricochet – He Left A Lot To Be Desired
Ricochet – Honky Tonk Baby
Ricochet – Love Is Stronger Than Pride
Ricochet – Seven Bridges Road
Ricochet – She’s Gone
Ricochet – What Do I Know
Riddle, Jessica – Even Angels Fall
Ridley, Jessica – Flaming Red
Right Said Fred – Deeply Dippy
Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy
Right Said Fred – You’re My Mate
Righteous Brothers – Unchained Melody
Righteous Brothers, The – Ebb Tide
Righteous Brothers, The – Rock & Roll Heaven
Righteous Brothers, The – Rock and Roll Heaven
Righteous Brothers, The – Rock N Roll Heaven
Righteous Brothers, The – Soul & Inspiration, (You’re My)
Righteous Brothers, The – Soul and Inspiration
Righteous Brothers, The – Unchained Melody
Righteous Brothers, The – You’re My Soul & Inspiration
Righteous Brothers, The – You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling
Rihanna – Bitch Better Have My Money
Rihanna – Break It Off
Rihanna – California King Bed
Rihanna – Cheers (Drink To That)
Rihanna – Cry
Rihanna – Diamonds
Rihanna – Disturbia
Rihanna – Don’t Stop The Music
Rihanna – Good Girl Gone Bad
Rihanna – If It’s Lovin’ That You Want
Rihanna – Man Down
Rihanna – No Love Allowed
Rihanna – Oh Baby
Rihanna – Only Girl (In The World)
Rihanna – Pon de Replay
Rihanna – Pour It Up
Rihanna – Rehab
Rihanna – Rockstar 101
Rihanna – Rude Boy
Rihanna – Russian Roulette
Rihanna – S.O.S. (Rescue Me)
Rihanna – S&M (Come On)
Rihanna – Shut Up and Drive
Rihanna – Skin
Rihanna – Stay
Rihanna – Take A Bow
Rihanna – Te Amo
Rihanna – Umbrella
Rihanna – Unfaithful
Rihanna – We Ride
Rihanna – Where Have You Been
Rihanna – You Da one
Rihanna ft. Brown, Chris – Nobody’s Business
Rihanna ft. Chris Brown – Bad Girl
Rihanna ft. Chris Brown – Birthday Cake (Remix)
Rihanna ft. David Guetta – Right Now
Rihanna ft. Drake – What’s My Name
Rihanna ft. Future – Loveeeee Song
Rihanna ft. Jay Z – Talk That Talk
Rihanna ft. Jay-Z – Umbrella
Rihanna ft. Justin Timberlake – Rehab
Rihanna ft. Kanye West and Paul McCartney – Fourfiveseconds
Rihanna ft. Maroon 5 – If I Never See Your Face Again
Rihanna ft. Ne-Yo – Hate That I Love You
Rihanna ft. Nicki Minaj – Raining Men
Rihanna ft. Sean Paul – Break It Off
Rihanna ft. Slash – Rockstar 101
Rihanna ft. Will. I.Am – Photographs
Riley, Jeannie C. – Harper Valley P.T.A.
Riley, Williams – Country Livin’
Riley, Williams – Makes Me Go (La La)
Rimes, LeAnn – Big Deal
Rimes, LeAnn – Blue
Rimes, LeAnn – Bridge Over Troubled Water
Rimes, LeAnn – Buckaroo
Rimes, LeAnn – But I Do Love You
Rimes, LeAnn – Can’t Fight The Moonlight
Rimes, LeAnn – Cattle Call
Rimes, LeAnn – Clinging To A Saving Hand
Rimes, LeAnn – Commitment
Rimes, LeAnn – Cowboy’s Sweetheart
Rimes, LeAnn – Crazy
Rimes, LeAnn – Crazy Women
Rimes, LeAnn – Family
Rimes, LeAnn – Feels Like Home
Rimes, LeAnn – Give
Rimes, LeAnn – God Bless America
Rimes, LeAnn – Good Friend & A Glass Of Wine
Rimes, LeAnn – Honestly
Rimes, LeAnn – How Do I Live
Rimes, LeAnn – Hurt Me
Rimes, LeAnn – I Believe In You
Rimes, LeAnn – I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
Rimes, LeAnn – I Need You
Rimes, LeAnn – I Want To Be A Cowboy’s Sweetheart
Rimes, LeAnn – I’ll Get Even With You
Rimes, LeAnn – Life Goes On
Rimes, LeAnn – Light In Your Eyes, The
Rimes, LeAnn – Looking Through Your Eyes
Rimes, LeAnn – My Baby
Rimes, LeAnn – Nothin’ ’bout Love Makes Sense
Rimes, LeAnn – Nothin’ Better To Do
Rimes, LeAnn – Nothin’ New Under The Moon
Rimes, LeAnn – On The Side of Angels
Rimes, LeAnn – One of These Days
Rimes, LeAnn – One Way Ticket
Rimes, LeAnn – Please Remember Me
Rimes, LeAnn – Probably Wouldn’t Be This Way
Rimes, LeAnn – Purple Rain
Rimes, LeAnn – Right Kind of Wrong, The
Rimes, LeAnn – Some People
Rimes, LeAnn – Something’s Gotta Give
Rimes, LeAnn – Soon
Rimes, LeAnn – Suddenly
Rimes, LeAnn – Ten Thousand Angels Cried
Rimes, LeAnn – These Arms of Mine
Rimes, LeAnn – This Love
Rimes, LeAnn – Tic Toc
Rimes, LeAnn – Unchained Melody
Rimes, LeAnn – We Can
Rimes, LeAnn – What I Cannot Change
Rimes, LeAnn – You Light Up My Life
Rimes, LeAnn – You Take Me Home
Rimes, LeAnn – Your Cheatin’ Heart
Rimes, LeAnn ft. Elton John – Written In The Stars
Rimes, LeAnn ft. Ronan Keating – Last Thing On My Mind
Ringside – Tired of Being Sorry
Rip Chords, The – Hey Little Cobra
Ripperton, Minnie – Lovin’ You
Rise Against – Good Left Undone, The
Rise Against – Ready To Fall
Rise Against – Savior
Rise Against – Swing Life Away
Ritchie, Shane – I’m Your Man
Ritter, Josh – Hopeful
Ritter, Tex & His Texans – Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
Ritter, Tex & His Texans – I Dreamed of A Hillbilly Heaven
Ritter, Tex & His Texans – I Dreamed of Hillbilly Heaven
Ritter, Tex & His Texans – I’m Wastin’ My Tears On You
Ritter, Tex & His Texans – Jealous Heart
Ritter, Tex & His Texans – Just Beyond The Moon
Ritter, Tex & His Texans – Rock and Rye
Ritter, Tex & His Texans – Rye Whiskey
Ritter, Tex & His Texans – There’s A New Moon Over My Shoulder
Ritter, Tex & His Texans – You Two-Timed Me One Time Too Often
Rivera, Johnny – Memphis
Rivera, Lupillo – Tu Y Las Nubes
Rivers, Bob – I Am Santa Claus
Rivers, Bob – The Twelve Pains of Christmas
Rivers, Bob – Walkin’ Round In Women’s Underwear
Rivers, Bob & Twisted Radio – I Am Santa Claus
Rivers, Johnny – Baby, I Need Your Loving
Rivers, Johnny – Memphis Tenessee
Rivers, Johnny – Midnight Special, The
Rivers, Johnny – Mountain of Love
Rivers, Johnny – Poor Side of Town, The
Rivers, Johnny – Rockin’ Pneumonia & The Boogie Woogie Flu
Rivers, Johnny – Secret Agent Man
Rivers, Johnny – Seventh Son
Rivers, Johnny – Slow Dancin’ Swayin To The Music
Rivers, Johnny – Summer Rain
Rivers, Johnny – Swayin’ To The Music
Rivers, Johnny – Te Me Perdiste
Rivers, Johnny – Tracks of My Tears, The
Rivieras, The – California Sun
Rivingtons, The – Papa Oo Mau Mau
Rixton – Me and My Broken Heart
Rixton – Wait On Me
Rizzle Kicks – Down With The Trumpets
Rizzle Kicks – Lost Generation
Rizzle Kicks – Tell Her
Roachford – Only To Be With You
Roachford – The Way I Feel
Road Hammers, The – East Bound and Down
Road Hammers, The – Girl On The Billboard
Roar of Greasepaint – Who Can I Turn To
Roar of The Greasepaint, Smell Of The Crowd – Who Can I Turn To
Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock – It Takes Two
Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock – Joy & Pain
Robbins, Dennis – Mona Lisa On Cruise Control
Robbins, Dennis – Padre
Robbins, Marty – A White Sports Coat
Robbins, Marty – Among My Souvenirs
Robbins, Marty – Begging To You
Robbins, Marty – Big Iron
Robbins, Marty – Devil Woman
Robbins, Marty – Don’t Worry About Me
Robbins, Marty – El Paso City
Robbins, Marty – Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Robbins, Marty – I Walk Alone
Robbins, Marty – I’ll Go On Alone
Robbins, Marty – Just Married
Robbins, Marty – My Woman, My Woman, My Wife
Robbins, Marty – Padre
Robbins, Marty – Please Don’t Play A Love Song
Robbins, Marty – Ribbon of Darkness
Robbins, Marty – Ruby Ann
Robbins, Marty – Singin’ The Blues
Robbins, Marty – Some Memories Just Won’t Die
Robbins, Marty – Story of My Life, The
Robbins, Marty – Streets of Laredo (Cowboy’s Lament)
Robbins, Marty – Tonight Carmen
Robbins, Marty – Walking Piece of Heaven
Robbins, Marty – White Sport Coat and A Pink Carnation
Roberson, Carroll – I Believe Jesus Died For Me
Robert & Johnny – We Belong Together
Roberts – Julie – Break Down Here
Roberts, Julie – Break Down Here
Roberts, Julie – Chance, The
Roberts, Julie – First To Never Know
Roberts, Julie – Girl Next Door
Roberts, Julie – Men and Mascara
Roberts, Julie – The Chance
Roberts, Julie – Wake Up Older
Roberts, Juliet – I Want You
Roberts, Mica – Days You Live For
Roberts, Mica & Toby Keith – Things A Mama Don’t Know
Robin Hood: Men In Tights – Men In Tights
Robins, The – Show Me Love
Robins, The – Smokey Joe’s Cafe
Robins, The – What I Do Best
Robinson, Betty Jean & Nashville Grass – Palms of Victory
Robinson, Betty Jean & Nashville Grass – Tramp On The Street
Robinson, Bruce – What Would Willie Do
Robinson, Charlie – Right Man For The Job, The
Robinson, Porter – Language
Robinson, Smokey – Shop Around
Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles – Baby, Baby Don’t Cry
Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles – Being With You
Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles – Cruisin’
Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles – Going To A Go-Go
Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles – I Second That Emotion
Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles – Love Machine (Part I)
Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles – Mickey’s Monkey
Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles – My Girl
Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles – One Heartbeat
Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles – Ooh Baby, Baby
Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles – Rewind
Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles – Shop Around
Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles – Tears of A Clown, The
Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles – Tracks of My Tears, The
Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles – You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me
Robinson, Vicki Sue – Turn The Beat Around
Robinson, Vickie Sue – Turn The Beat Around
Robison, Bruce – Good Life, The
Robison, Bruce – My Hometown
Robison, Bruce – Travelin’ Soldier
Robison, Bruce – What Would Willie Do
Robison, Charlie – Barlight
Robison, Charlie – I Want You Bad
Robison, Charlie – My Hometown
Robison, Charlie – Poor Man’s Son
Robison, Charlie – Right Man For The Job
Robison, Charlie – Walter
Robison, Charlie – You’re Not The Best
Robyn – Be Mine
Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend
Robyn – Do You Know What It Takes
Robyn – Do You Really Want Me(Show Respect)
Robyn – Handle Me
Robyn – How Do You Know
Robyn – Luv 4 Luv
Robyn – Show Me Love
Robyn – Who’s That Girl
Rochell, Megan & Fabolous – One You Need, The
Rochelle & Candels – Once Upon A Time
Rochelle & The Candels – Once Upon A Time
Rochelle, Megan – Floating
Rochford – Cuddley Toy
Rocio Durcal – Infiel
Rocio Durcal – Para Toda la Vida
Rock, Chubb – Treat ’em Right
Rockell – Dance, The
Rockell – Tears
Rockie Lynne – Lipstick
Rockin’ Berries, The – He’s In Town
Rockin’ Berries, The – Poor Man’s Son
Rocko – Umma Do Me
Rocko ft. Future and Rick Ross – UOENO
Rockwell – Dance, The
Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching Me
Rockwell ft. Michael Jackson – Somebody’s Watching Me
Rocky Horror Picture Show – Science Fiction Double Feature
Rocky Horror Picture Show – Science Fiction Double Feature Reprise
Rocky Horror Picture Show – Super Heroes
Rocky Horror Picture Show – Sweet Transvestite
Rocky Horror Picture Show – Sword of Damocies
Rocky Horror Picture Show – Time Warp
Rocky Horror Picture Show – Touch A Touch A Touch Me
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The – Dammit Janet
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The – Eddie
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The – Fanfare Don’t Dream It
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The – Hot Patootie
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The – Hot Patootie Bless My Soul
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The – I Can Make You A Man
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The – I Can Make You A Man Reprise
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The – I’m Going Home
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The – Over At The Frankenstein Place
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The – Planet Schmanet Janet
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The – Rose Tint My World Floor Show
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The – Science Fiction Double Feature Reprise
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The – Super Heroes
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The – Sweet Transvestite
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The – Sword of Damocles, The
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The – Time Warp, The
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The – Touch A Touch A Touch Me
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The – Wild and Untamed Thing
Rodgers, Clodagh – Jack In The Box
Rodgers, Jimmie – Honeycomb
Rodgers, Jimmie – Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
Rodgers, Jimmie – Oh Oh I’m Falling In Love Again
Rodman, Judy – Until I Met You
Rodriguez, Johnny – Dance With Me (Just One More Time)
Rodriguez, Johnny – Down On The Rio Grande
Rodriguez, Johnny – Foolin’
Rodriguez, Johnny – Hillbily Heart
Rodriguez, Johnny – I Couldn’t Be Me Without You
Rodriguez, Johnny – I Just Can’t Get Her Out Of My Mind
Rodriguez, Johnny – I Wonder If I Ever Said Goodbye
Rodriguez, Johnny – If Practice Makes Perfect
Rodriguez, Johnny – Just Get Up and Close The Door
Rodriguez, Johnny – Love Put A Song In My Heart
Rodriguez, Johnny – Pass Me By (If You’re Only Passing Through)
Rodriguez, Johnny – Ridin’ My Thumb To Mexico
Rodriguez, Johnny – Sugar Man
Rodriguez, Johnny – That’s The Way Love Goes
Rodriguez, Johnny – We Believe In Happy Endings
Rodriguez, Johnny – We’re Over
Rodriguez, Johnny – You Always Come Back To Hurting Me
Rodriguez, Johnny – You Can Say That Again
Rodriguez, Merle – Dance With Me (Just One More Time)
Roe, Tommy – Dizzy
Roe, Tommy – Everybody
Roe, Tommy – Sheila
Roe, Tommy – Shelia
Roe, Tommy – Sweet Pea
Roger Springer Band, The – Ain’t Nothin’ But A Cloud
Rogers, Ginger – We’re In The Money (The Gold Diggers Song)
Rogers, Jimmie – Honeycomb
Rogers, Julie – Wedding
Rogers, Julie – Wedding, The
Rogers, Kenny – All My Life
Rogers, Kenny – Beautiful (All That You Could Be)
Rogers, Kenny – Buried Treasure
Rogers, Kenny – Buy Me a Rose
Rogers, Kenny – Coward of the County
Rogers, Kenny – Crazy
Rogers, Kenny – Day Time Friends
Rogers, Kenny – Gambler, The
Rogers, Kenny – Greatest, The
Rogers, Kenny – Hand Prints On The Wall
Rogers, Kenny – Harder Cards
Rogers, Kenny – He Will, She Knows
Rogers, Kenny – Homeland
Rogers, Kenny – I Can’t Unlove You
Rogers, Kenny – I Don’t Need You
Rogers, Kenny – I Prefer The Moonlight
Rogers, Kenny – I’ll Be There For You
Rogers, Kenny – I’m Missing You
Rogers, Kenny – If You Want To Find Love
Rogers, Kenny – Islands In The Stream
Rogers, Kenny – Just Dropped In
Rogers, Kenny – Lady
Rogers, Kenny – Love Or Something Like It
Rogers, Kenny – Love The World Away
Rogers, Kenny – Love Will Turn You Around
Rogers, Kenny – Lucille
Rogers, Kenny – Missing You
Rogers, Kenny – Morning Desire
Rogers, Kenny – Ol’ Red
Rogers, Kenny – Reuben James
Rogers, Kenny – Ruby Don’t Take Your Love To Town
Rogers, Kenny – Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town
Rogers, Kenny – Rueben James
Rogers, Kenny – Scarlet Fever
Rogers, Kenny – She Believes In Me
Rogers, Kenny – Slow Dance More
Rogers, Kenny – Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight
Rogers, Kenny – Something Burning
Rogers, Kenny – Sunshine
Rogers, Kenny – Sweet Music Man
Rogers, Kenny – Tell It All Brother
Rogers, Kenny – There You Go Again
Rogers, Kenny – Through The Years
Rogers, Kenny – Tomb of Unknown Love
Rogers, Kenny – Twenty Years Ago
Rogers, Kenny – Vows Go Unbroken, The
Rogers, Kenny – We’ve Got Tonight
Rogers, Kenny – While The Feeling’s Good
Rogers, Kenny – You Decorated My Life
Rogers, Kenny ft. Dolly Parton – All I Ever Need Is You
Rogers, Kenny ft. Dolly Parton – I Believe In Santa Claus
Rogers, Kenny ft. Dolly Parton – Islands In The Stream
Rogers, Kenny ft. Dolly Parton – Love Is Strange
Rogers, Kenny ft. Dolly Parton – With Bells On
Rogers, Kenny ft. Don Henley – Calling Me
Rogers, Kenny ft. Dottie West – All I Ever Need Is You
Rogers, Kenny ft. Dottie West – Anyone Who Isn’t Me Tonight
Rogers, Kenny ft. Dottie West – Every Time Two Fools Collide
Rogers, Kenny ft. Dottie West – Til I Can Make It On My Own
Rogers, Kenny ft. Dottie West – Together Again
Rogers, Kenny ft. Dottie West – What Are We Doin’ In Love
Rogers, Kenny ft. Dottie West – What Are We Doin’ In Love
Rogers, Kenny ft. Easton, Sheena – We’ve Got Tonight
Rogers, Kenny ft. Holly Dunn – Maybe
Rogers, Kenny ft. Kim Carnes – Don’t Fall In Love With A Dreamer
Rogers, Kenny ft. Parton, Dolly – Islands In The Stream
Rogers, Kenny ft. Sheena Easton – We’ve Got Tonight
Rogers, Kenny ft. The First Edition – I Just Dropped In To See What Condition
Rogers, Kenny ft. The First Edition – Ruby Don’t Take Your Love To Town
Rogers, Kenny ft. The First Edition – Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town
Rogers, Kenny ft. The First Edition – Rueben James
Rogers, Kenny ft. The First Edition – Something Burning
Rogers, Kenny ft. West, Dottie – All I Ever Need Is You
Rogers, Kenny ft. West, Dottie – Every Time Two Fools Collide
Rogers, Kenny ft. West, Dottie – What Are We Doin’ In Love
Rogers, Kenny ft. Whitney Duncan – My World Is Over
Rogers, Merideth – A Rose Is Still A Rose
Rogers, Randy – Tonight’s Not The Night
Rogers, Roy – Happy Trails
Rogers, Roy ft. Dale Evans – Happy Trails
Rogue Traders – Don’t You Wanna Feel
Rogue Traders – Watching You
Rogue Traders – Would You Raise Your Hands
Rojas, Tito – Por Mujeres Como Tu
Rojas, Tito – Que Mas Tu Quieres De Mi
Roll Deep – Green Light
Rolling Stones – Shattered
Rolling Stones – Some Girls
Rolling Stones – Sympathy For The Devil
Rolling Stones – Waiting On A Friend
Rolling Stones, The – 19Th Nervous Breakdown
Rolling Stones, The – Ain’t Too Proud To Beg
Rolling Stones, The – Angie
Rolling Stones, The – As Tears Go By
Rolling Stones, The – Beast of Burden
Rolling Stones, The – Bitch
Rolling Stones, The – Brown Sugar
Rolling Stones, The – Carol
Rolling Stones, The – Dance Little Sister
Rolling Stones, The – Dead Flowers
Rolling Stones, The – Don’t Stop
Rolling Stones, The – Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
Rolling Stones, The – Emotional Rescue
Rolling Stones, The – Fool To Cry
Rolling Stones, The – Get Off of My Cloud
Rolling Stones, The – Gimme Shelter
Rolling Stones, The – Happy
Rolling Stones, The – Harlem Shuffle, The
Rolling Stones, The – Heart of Stone
Rolling Stones, The – Honky Tonk Woman
Rolling Stones, The – I Just Wanna Make Love To You
Rolling Stones, The – It S All Over Now
Rolling Stones, The – It’s All Over Now
Rolling Stones, The – It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll
Rolling Stones, The – It’s Only Rock & Roll
Rolling Stones, The – Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Rolling Stones, The – Jumping Jack Flash
Rolling Stones, The – Last Time, The
Rolling Stones, The – Let It Bleed
Rolling Stones, The – Let’s Spend The Night Toget
Rolling Stones, The – Little Queenie
Rolling Stones, The – Little Red Rooster, The
Rolling Stones, The – Love Is Strong
Rolling Stones, The – Midnight Rambler
Rolling Stones, The – Miss You
Rolling Stones, The – Mixed Emotions
Rolling Stones, The – Mother’s Little Helper
Rolling Stones, The – Mothers Little Helper
Rolling Stones, The – Not Fade Away
Rolling Stones, The – Out of Tears
Rolling Stones, The – Paint It Black
Rolling Stones, The – Playing With Fire
Rolling Stones, The – Rip This Joint
Rolling Stones, The – Rock and A Hard Place
Rolling Stones, The – Ruby Tuesday
Rolling Stones, The – Satisfaction, (I Can’t Get No)
Rolling Stones, The – Shattered
Rolling Stones, The – She’s So Cold
Rolling Stones, The – Sister Morphine
Rolling Stones, The – Some Girls
Rolling Stones, The – Spider and The Fly, The
Rolling Stones, The – Star Star
Rolling Stones, The – Start Me Up
Rolling Stones, The – Street Fighting Man
Rolling Stones, The – Sympathy For The Devil
Rolling Stones, The – Tell Me
Rolling Stones, The – Time Is On My Side
Rolling Stones, The – Tumbling Dice
Rolling Stones, The – Under My Thumb
Rolling Stones, The – Undercover of The Night
Rolling Stones, The – Waiting On A Friend
Rolling Stones, The – Wild Horses
Rolling Stones, The – You Can’t Always Get What You Want
Rolling Stones, The – You Got Me Rocking
Rolls Royce – Car Wash
Roman Holiday – Stand By
Romantics, The – Talking In Your Sleep
Romantics, The – What I Like About You
Rome – I Belong To You (Every Time I See Your Face)
Romeo Void – Never Say Never
Ronan Keating – I Hope You Dance
Ronettes – Walking In The Rain
Ronettes, The – Be My Baby
Ronettes, The – Walking In The Rain
Ronson, Mark ft. Amy Winehouse – Valerie
Ronson, Mark ft. Katy B – Anywhere In The World
Ronstadt, Linda – All My Life
Ronstadt, Linda – Am I Blue
Ronstadt, Linda – Back In The USA
Ronstadt, Linda – Blue Bayou
Ronstadt, Linda – Blue Train, The
Ronstadt, Linda – Can’t We Be Friends
Ronstadt, Linda – Corrido de Cananea
Ronstadt, Linda – Crazy Arms
Ronstadt, Linda – Cry Like A Rainstorm
Ronstadt, Linda – Desperado
Ronstadt, Linda – Different Drum
Ronstadt, Linda – Don’t Know Much
Ronstadt, Linda – Dos Arbolitos
Ronstadt, Linda – Dreams To Dream
Ronstadt, Linda – El Sol Que Tu Eres
Ronstadt, Linda – El Toro Relajo
Ronstadt, Linda – En Mi Soledad
Ronstadt, Linda – Faithless Love
Ronstadt, Linda – Frenesi
Ronstadt, Linda – Gritenme Piedras
Ronstadt, Linda – Hay Unos Relajo
Ronstadt, Linda – Heartbeats Accelerating
Ronstadt, Linda – Heat Wave
Ronstadt, Linda – High Sierra
Ronstadt, Linda – How Do I Make You
Ronstadt, Linda – Hurts So Bad
Ronstadt, Linda – I Can’t Help It If I’m Still In Love With You
Ronstadt, Linda – I’ll Be Home For Christmas
Ronstadt, Linda – I’ve Got A Crush On You
Ronstadt, Linda – It Doesn’t Matter Anymore
Ronstadt, Linda – It’s So Easy
Ronstadt, Linda – Just One Look
Ronstadt, Linda – La Barca de Guaymas
Ronstadt, Linda – La Calandria
Ronstadt, Linda – La Charreada
Ronstadt, Linda – La Cigarra
Ronstadt, Linda – Long Long Time
Ronstadt, Linda – Long, Long Time
Ronstadt, Linda – Los Laureles
Ronstadt, Linda – Love Has No Pride
Ronstadt, Linda – Love Is A Rose
Ronstadt, Linda – Lover Man
Ronstadt, Linda – Mean To Me
Ronstadt, Linda – Mohammed’s Radio
Ronstadt, Linda – My Funny Valentine
Ronstadt, Linda – Oh No Not My Baby
Ronstadt, Linda – Ooh Baby, Baby
Ronstadt, Linda – Paloma Blanca
Ronstadt, Linda – Perfidia
Ronstadt, Linda – Poor, Poor Pitiful Me
Ronstadt, Linda – Por Un Amor
Ronstadt, Linda – River For Him, A
Ronstadt, Linda – Rogaciano El Huapanguero
Ronstadt, Linda – Silver Threads and Golden Needles
Ronstadt, Linda – Someone To Lay Down Beside Me
Ronstadt, Linda – Someone To Watch Over Me
Ronstadt, Linda – Somewhere Out There
Ronstadt, Linda – That’ll Be The Day
Ronstadt, Linda – Tracks of My Tears
Ronstadt, Linda – Tu Solo Tu
Ronstadt, Linda – Tumbling Dice
Ronstadt, Linda – Walk On
Ronstadt, Linda – What’ll I Do
Ronstadt, Linda – What’s New
Ronstadt, Linda – When I Fall In Love
Ronstadt, Linda – When Will I Be Loved
Ronstadt, Linda – When You Wish Upon A Star
Ronstadt, Linda – Y Andale
Ronstadt, Linda – You’re No Good
Ronstadt, Linda & James Ingram – Somewhere Out There
Ronstadt, Linda ft. Aaron Neville – All My Life
Ronstadt, Linda ft. Aaron Neville – Don’t Know Much
Ronstadt, Linda ft. Aaron Neville – When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
Ronstadt, Linda ft. James Ingram – Don’t Know Much
Ronstadt, Linda ft. James Ingram – Somewhere Out There
Ronstadt, Linda ft. The Stone Ponies – Different Drum
Rooftop Singers, The – Walk Right In
Room 5 & Oliver Cheatham – Make Luv
Roommates, The – Glory of Love, The
Rooney – I’m Shakin’
Rooster – Come Get Some
Rooster – Staring At The Sun
Rooster – You’re So Right For Me
Roots, The – Don’t Say Nuthin
Rose Royce – Car Wash
Rose Royce – I Wanna Get Next To You
Rose Royce – I’m Going Down
Rose Royce – Is It Love You’re After
Rose Royce – Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
Rose Royce – Ooh Boy
Rose Royce – Wishing On A Star
Rose, Clarice – Mile A Minute, A
Rose, David – Stripper, The
Rose, Katy – Overdrive
Roselli, Jimmy – Anema E Core
Roselli, Jimmy – I Want A Girl
Roselli, Jimmy – Torno Surento
Roselli, Jimmy – When Your Old Wedding Ring Was
Rosie & The Originals – Angel Baby
Ross & Richie – Endless Love
Ross, Diana – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
Ross, Diana – Baby Love
Ross, Diana – Back In My Arms Again
Ross, Diana – Best Year of My Life, The
Ross, Diana – Boss, The
Ross, Diana – Chain Reaction
Ross, Diana – Do You Know Where You’re Going To
Ross, Diana – Endless Love
Ross, Diana – Good Morning Heartache
Ross, Diana – Home
Ross, Diana – I Will Survive
Ross, Diana – I’m Coming Out
Ross, Diana – I’m Gonna Make You Love Me
Ross, Diana – I’m Still Waiting
Ross, Diana – It’s My Turn
Ross, Diana – Last Time I Saw Him, The
Ross, Diana – Love Child
Ross, Diana – Love Hangover
Ross, Diana – Mirror Mirror
Ross, Diana – Missing You
Ross, Diana – Muscles
Ross, Diana – My Favorite Things
Ross, Diana – My Old Piano
Ross, Diana – One Shining Moment
Ross, Diana – Reach Out & Touch (Somebody’s Hand)
Ross, Diana – Reflections
Ross, Diana – Remember Me
Ross, Diana – Someday We’ll Be Together
Ross, Diana – Stop In The Name Of Love
Ross, Diana – Take Me Higher
Ross, Diana – The Last Time I Saw Him
Ross, Diana – Theme From Mahogany
Ross, Diana – Touch Me In The Morning
Ross, Diana – Upside Down
Ross, Diana – Waiting In The Winds
Ross, Diana – When You Tell Me That You Love Me
Ross, Diana – Why Do Fools Fall In Love
Ross, Diana – You Can’t Hurry Love
Ross, Diana ft. Lionel Richie – Endless Love
Ross, Diana ft. Marvin Gaye – You Are Everything
Ross, Diana ft. Michael Jackson – Ease On Down the Road
Ross, Murray – Candy Man, The
Ross, Murray – Come Fly With Me
Ross, Murray – Dindi
Ross, Murray – God Bless The Child
Ross, Murray – How High The Moon
Ross, Murray – I Apologize
Ross, Murray – I Can’t Get Started
Ross, Murray – I Wanna Be Around
Ross, Murray – In Solitude
Ross, Murray – Nature Boy
Ross, Murray – No More Blues
Ross, Murray – Singing In The Rain
Ross, Murray – Swinging On A Star
Ross, Murray – There’ll Be Some Changes Made
Ross, Murray – They Can’t Take That Away From Me
Ross, Murray – Tumbling Tumble Weeds
Ross, Murray – Volare
Ross, Murray – Way She Loves Me, The
Ross, Murray – Why Don’t You Do Right
Ross, Murray – You’re Something
Ross, Rick – Hustlin’
Ross, Rick ft. Drake & French Montana – Stay Schemin
Ross, Rick ft. Jay Z – The Devil is a Lie
Ross, Rick ft. Nelly & Avery Storm – Here I Am
Ross, Rick ft. R. Kelly – Speedin’
Rossdale, Gavin – Adrenaline
Rossdale, Gavin – Love Remains The Same
Rossington Collins Band – Don’t Misunderstand Me
Roth, Asher – I Love College
Roth, Asher & Green, CeeLo – Be By Myself
Roth, David Lee – Just A Gigolo
Roth, David Lee – Just Like Paradise
Roth, David Lee – Yankee Rose
Rothberg, Patti – Inside
Roudette, Marlon – When the Beat Drops Out
Rough Trade – High School Confidential
Roundtop Singers – Walk Right In
Rowland, Kelly – Can’t Nobody
Rowland, Kelly – Keep It Between Us
Rowland, Kelly – Like This
Rowland, Kelly – Stole
Rowland, Kelly – Train On A Track
Rowland, Kelly ft. Big Sean – Lay It On Me
Rowland, Kelly ft. David Guetta – Commander
Rowland, Kelly ft. Lil Wayne – Ice
Rowles, John – If I Only Had Time
Roxette – Almost Unreal
Roxette – Church of Your Heart
Roxette – Crash Boom Bang
Roxette – Dangerous
Roxette – Dressed For Success
Roxette – Fading Like A Flower
Roxette – I Wish I Could Fly
Roxette – It Must’ve Been Love
Roxette – Joyride
Roxette – Listen To Your Heart
Roxette – Look, The
Roxette – She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
Roxette – Sleeping In My Car
Roxette – The Look
Roxette – Wish I Could Fly
Roxie – Virginia Plan
Roxie Dean – A Soldier’s Wife
Roxy Music – Angel Eyes
Roxy Music – Avalon
Roxy Music – Dance Away
Roxy Music – Jealous Guy
Roxy Music – Jealous Love
Roxy Music – Let’s Stick Together
Roxy Music – Love Is The Drug
Roxy Music – More Than This
Roxy Music – Oh Yeah (On The Radio)
Roxy Music – Over You
Roxy Music – Same Old Scene
Roxy Music – Virginia Plain
Roy, Lesley – I’m Gone, I’m Going
Roy, Lesley – Unbeautiful
Royal Blood – Figure It Out
Royal Crown Revue – Beyond The Sea
Royal Crown Revue – Hey Pachuco
Royal Crown Revue – Walkin Blues
Royal Crown Revue – Zip Gun Bop
Royal Guardsmen, The – Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron
Royal Guardsmen, The – Snoopy’s Christmas
Royal Teens – Short Shorts
Royal Teens – Shorts Shorts
Royal, Billy Joe – Cherry Hill Park
Royal, Billy Joe – Down In The Boondocks
Royal, Billy Joe – I’m Okay and Gettin’ Better
Royal, Billy Joe – Love Has No Right
Royal, Billy Joe – Out of Sight and On My Mind
Royal, Billy Joe – Searchin’ For Some Kind Of Clue
Royal, Billy Joe – Tell It Like It Is
Royalle Delite – I’ll Be A Freak For You
Royce, Rose – Wishing On A Star
Roys, The – Coal Minin’ Man
Roys, The – I Only Have Good Days
Roys, The – Still Standing
Roza, Lita – How Much Is That Doggie
Rozalla – Everybody’s Free
Ru Paul – Supermodel
Rub A Dubbin’ – Mellons, Ken
Rubettes, The – Juke Box Jive
Rubettes, The – Sugar Baby Love
Rubio, Paulina – Casanova
Rubio, Paulina – Don’t Say Goodbye
Rubio, Paulina – Fire
Rubio, Paulina – I Was Made For Loving You
Rubio, Paulina – Last Goodbye, The
Rubio, Paulina – Lo Hare Por Ti
Rubio, Paulina – Mio
Rubio, Paulina – One You Love, The
Rubio, Paulina – Si Tu Te Vas
Rubio, Paulina – Y Yo Sigo Aqui
Rubio, Paulina – Yo No Soy Esa Mujer
Ruby & The Romantics – Hey There Lonely Boy
Ruby & The Romantics – Our Day Will Come
Rubyhorse – Sparkle
Rucker, Darius – Alright
Rucker, Darius – Come Back Song
Rucker, Darius – Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It
Rucker, Darius – History In The Making
Rucker, Darius – I Got Nothin’
Rucker, Darius – It Won’t Be Like This For Long
Rucker, Darius – Miss You
Rucker, Darius – Radio
Rucker, Darius – This
Rucker, Darius – Together Anything’s Possible
Rucker, Darius – Together, Anything’s Possible
Rucker, Darius – Wagon Wheel
Rudimental – Right Here
Rudimental ft. Ella Eyre – Waiting All Night
Rudimental ft. Foxes – Right Here
Rudimental ft. John Newman & Alex Clare – Not Giving In
Rudolf, Kevin ft. Lil Wayne – Let It Rock
Ruff Endz – No More
Ruff Endz – Someone To Love You
Ruffin, David – My Whole World Ended
Ruffin, David – Walk Away From Love
Ruffin, Jimmy – Farewell Is A Lonely Sound
Ruffin, Jimmy – Hold On To My Love
Ruffin, Jimmy – I’ll Say Forever My Love
Ruffin, Jimmy – What Becomes of The Brokenhearted
Rufus – Tell Me Something Good
Rufus & Carla Thomas – Night Time Is The Right Time
Rufus & Khan, Chaka – Ain’t Nobody
Rufus & Khan, Chaka – Sweet Thing
Rufus & Khan, Chaka – Tell Me Something Good
Rui Da Silva ft. Cassandra – Touch Me
Ruiz, Rey – Desde Que No Estas
Ruiz, Rey – Mi Media Mitad
Ruiz, Rey – Muevelo
Rumble, Dane – Always Be Here
Run D.M.C. – Christmas In Hollis
Run D.M.C. – It’s Tricky
Run D.M.C. – King of Rock
Run D.M.C. – Walk This Way
Run D.M.C. – You Be Illin’
Run D.M.C. & Aerosmith – Walk This Way
Rundgren, Todd – Bang The Drum All Day
Rundgren, Todd – Can We Still Be Friends
Rundgren, Todd – Hello It’s Me
Rundgren, Todd – I Saw The Light
Rundgren, Todd – I’m So Proud
Rundgren, Todd – We Gotta Get You A Woman
Rupaul – Supermodel
Rupee – Tempted To Touch
Rush – Closer To The Heart
Rush – Cold Fire
Rush – Fly By Night in The Mood
Rush – Freewill
Rush – Limelight
Rush – New World Man
Rush – Nobody’s Hero
Rush – One Little Victory
Rush – Red Barchetta
Rush – Secret Touch
Rush – Spirit of Radio, The
Rush – Time Stands Still
Rush – Tom Sawyer
Rush, Jennifer & Dion, Celine – Power of Love, The
Rush, Merilee – Angel of The Morning
Rushen, Patrice – Forget Me Nots
Rushlow, Harris – Bagpipes Cryin’
Rushlow, Harris – That’s So You
Rushlow, Tim – Crazy Life
Rushlow, Tim – I Can’t Be Your Friend
Rushlow, Tim – Package, The
Rushlow, Tim – She Misses Him
Rushlow, Tim – Sweet Summer Rain
Rushlow, Tim – When You Love Me
Russell, Brenda – Piano In The Dark
Russell, Johnny – Rednecks White Socks & Blue Ribbon Beer
Russell, Leon – Lady Blue
Russell, Leon – Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms
Russell, Leon – Six Pack To Go
Russell, Leon – Tight Rope
Russell, Shawna – Get Right Or Get Left
Russell, Shawna – Waitin’ On Sunrise
Ruttan, Deric – Shine
Ruttan, Deric – When You Come Around
Ryan, Barry – Elouise
Ryan, Lee – Army of Lovers
Rydell, Bobby – Forget Him
Rydell, Bobby – Sway
Rydell, Bobby – Wild One
Ryder, Mitch & The Detroit Wheels – Devil With The Blue Dress On
Ryder, Mitch & The Detroit Wheels – Sock It To Me
Ryder, Serena – Stompa
Rzeznik, Johnny – I’m Still Here (Jim’s Theme)